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Internet Edition | Vol. VI No. 2 | Oct - Dec 1997

This is the maiden issue of the internet edition of the Bobon-USA Residents Association's Newsletter. The Bobonanons in the USA are proud to make news about their association and about the town of Bobon available in the internet. This issue is dedicated to Bobon's Patron Saint -- Sr. Santo Niño!

Bobonanons leave their hearts in San Francisco!

Fiesta '97 is over but for most of those who came, it was "I left my heart in San Francisco". It was sponsored by Brian and Lydee Hershey and the first to be held in Northern California. It was also the first attempt at making the celebration an evening affair instead of the usual whole day affair. The mass in honor of Sr. Santo Nio started promptly at 5:00 p.m. and. dinner was served right after the mass. It was an evening of todo-todo line dancing, macarena, dayang-dayang, curacha, and the all-time favorite cha-cha.

(In Photo: Precy, Totoy, Vic, Lou, Bobbie, Sean, Nennette, Benny, Dick, Noel, Butch)

Looking Ahead...Fiesta '98

Mrs. Rose Ford and family will be hosting next year's fiesta in honor of the Sto. Nio. Based on initial plans, it will be held in Orange County. Unless otherwise announced in subsequent notifications, the fiesta will be on August 8, 1998. So, get ready for this next big event.

(In Photo: Bobonanons and their guests at the dancing hall of the Prewett Family Park and Center)

2000 Reasons to Join Us on New Year's Eve

Its less than 800 days until midnight, December 31, 1999. Do you know where you will be? Would you like to be with your fellow Bobonanons? The association is trying to find out if there is any interest in sponsoring a New Year's Eve party in the Loas Angeles area on that date. We can only begin to make arrangements -- like choosing a site, paying a deposit to reserve a place, choosing entertainment, etc. -- if you know that there's interest. Please let us hear from you, by phone, letter, or email, before Dec. 31, 1997, so we can make our plans. We truly would like to welcome the new century in the company of family and friends.

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